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Miranda Oldroyd

Miranda Oldroyd
Fran 2:15
Helen 8:30
Grace 1:47
Filthy-50 19:45
Fight-Gone-Bad 350
Sprint-400 1:07
Run-5k 23:40
Clean-and-Jerk 215 lb
Snatch 180 lb
Deadlift 335 lb
Back-Squat 290 lb
Max-Pull-Up 65
About Miranda Oldroyd
Region Southern California
Team Chalk
Affiliate Chalk
Gender Female
Age 33
Height 5'5"
Weight 142 lb


Miranda Oldroyd is a renowned Regional and Games Athelete. In 2012, Miranda endured a life threatening car accident that left her unable to use her neck. Her condition left her in a very heart breaking situation, but she didn't let that slow her down. She continued to train herself with a brace, and slowly started working back in it. Now, she is 100% back and has been working hard; she's been to regionals even after the crash - that alone shows you the power and determination of this strong woman.

" Workt has the best designs and their sleeves last forever. The new inside material makes them so easy to put on and keeps them so clean. It's been such a huge help in my recovery. "

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