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Darcie Warren

Darcie Warren
Fran -
Helen -
Grace -
Filthy-50 -
Fight-Gone-Bad -
Clean-and-Jerk 228
Deadlift 300
Back-Squat 285
Max-Pull-Up 275
About Darcie Warren
Region SouthWest
Team Hyperion
Gender Female
Age 35
Height 5'8"
Weight 130


Darcie Warren is a mother of 6; their ages range from 3-15. Darcie was introduced first to the functional movement community by her husband, Darin. She qualified for the South West Regional in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2013. Darcie is currently a coach and trainer at Hyperion in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

" WORKT knee sleeves are the only knee sleeves I use. Whether I'm training high volume or heavy reps, in training or in competition, I always have them with me and they never let me down "

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