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Lindsey Valenzuela

Lindsey Valenzuela
Fran 2:25
Helen 8:14
Grace 1:15
Filthy-50 22:18
Fight-Gone-Bad 415
Sprint-400 1:05
Run-5k 21:03
Clean-and-Jerk 255
Snatch 200
Deadlift 405
Back-Squat 300
Max-Pull-Up 40
About Lindsey Valenzuela
Region Southern California
Team Autumo CrossFit
Affiliate Autumo CrossFit
Gender Female
Age 29
Height 5'6
Weight 150


Workt Athlete Lindsey Valenzuela's Motto is as simple as this: Believe! Lindsey has been an athlete all her life. Her most notable accomplishments is that she's both a Games Athlete and a competitive Olympic weightlifter. Earlier in 2016, she gave birth to a child but is determined make it to the 2017 Games.

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