Workt Knee Sleeves are the perfect choice for CrossFit Activities.

Kevin Faires

Kevin Faires
About Kevin Faires
Age 26


Workt Athlete Kevin Faires has been training and competing in strongman for a year and 7 months. He is currently a Nevada, Utah and California's strongman man, and USS national champion and 105kg SCL world champion. His career is just starting, He understands the purpose of protecting his joints, thus chooses Workt's Limited Edition 7mm Sleeve as his favorite.

" I never used any type of elbow or knee sleeves support until I started this sport and was introduced to Workt product by many friends! They keep my knees warm and mobile through my training and competitions. They are made with top of the line material that will last through some of the most brutal events! I completely trust Workt sleeves to help me stay at the top of my game! "

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