Ecoprene Uses Limecell Technology which comes from Japan
Ecoprene is a Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Safe, and Sustainable Resource

What Knee Sleeve Companies Don't Want You to Know

Miranda Oldroyd with Workt 5mm Knee Sleeve blue

90% of Knee Sleeve Companies use some variant of a petroleum based neoprene. The sad part is that most companies don't see the problem with selling low quality materials at top dollar prices. They totally know its not even close to the highest quality materials. You might be asking, "Well why should I care?" which is a normal response, but try thinking about it this way:

Workt 5mm knee sleeve on miranda oldroyd

The average knee sleeve costs $30-$50, and there's a really high chance that you're going to have to replace your sleeves due to excessive usage/smell/looseness etc. You're going to have to replace those in about a month or two depending on how hard they can take a beating. This has to sound familiar because we found ourselves in the same predicament - replacing something that shouldn't have to be replaced so often. We wanted a solution for this- and we found one. Let us introduce our new favorite friend: Ecoprene.

Ecoprene is a Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Safe, and Sustainable Resource

The Difference You Can Feel (and Smell)

Ecoprene is a whole different animal. Ecoprene is a Limestone based Neoprene- mined from the special reserves in Japan. The uniform cell structure of Ecoprene is what makes it so uniquely durable- The picture below gives an accurate idea as to why Ecoprene is on a completely different level than petroleum based neoprene.

Ecoprene has a uniform independent closed micro cell structure in Compression knee sleeves

So here's the bottom line: Ecoprene is 98% water resistant - so say goodbye to stink. Power drying Ecoprene is also a huge benefit, so no more wet knee sleeves. Ecoprene is also more durable & holds its shape better while still being just as flexible. Ecoprene is truly the next step in knee sleeve evolution. Once you understand the hype, it makes sense why we wanted to shed some light on the current knee sleeve situation. Check the chart below to get a visual representation as to how well Ecoprene performs against the competition.

Ecoprene™ vs Petroleum Based Neoprene

(Tap each section for analysis)

Ecoprene™ 4X
Neoprene 1X
Water Resistant
Ecoprene™ 98%
Neoprene 60%
Strong & Lightweight
Ecoprene™ 90%
Neoprene 55%
Heat Insulation
Ecoprene™ 2X
Neoprene 1X

No other company does what we do to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the best product, backed by our industry leading, lifetime guarantee. For all non-Legacy items, We guarantee against any tears in the seams, bindings, or Ecoprene™ for the lifetime of the sleeve. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied and notice results with our knee brace, or your money back, no questions asked.

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